Letter: Pretty smart

Ya know, maybe I’ve had Obama all wrong from the start. I didn’t think he was a very smart president.

He told Congress what he wanted, knowing they would never go for it. He rejected Republican proposals for tax reform and spending cuts, and held fast to what he wanted.

He let it get right down to the wire, didn’t budge an inch, and over the fiscal cliff we went.

Now taxes go up for EVERYONE, so he gets his tax increases (and I think he wanted an across-the-board tax increase, not just on the ‘wealthy’ from the start). Capital Gains taxes increase, which he said he wants.

Surely someone as smart as he knows a LOT of people are invested in the stock market, etc, not just the “Wealthy.”

So the mess is done, taxes are hiked, and he gets to point his finger at Republican congressmen and say “It’s THEIR fault,” the Sheeple will bleat O-BA-MA, blame the Republicans and not even know they had the wool pulled over their eyes and tied around their throats.

And, once again, he dodges the blame. Not dumb at all, is he?


Turners Falls

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