Letter: Movie violence

We took our sons to the long-awaited “Hobbit” movie as an early Christmas gift. Violent previews advertised films with kid-friendly names such as “Hansel and Gretel.” The “Hobbit” unfolded with a fire-breathing dragon scorching dwarves, and progressed to orc stabbings and cave trolls falling to their deaths into an abyss. There was a joke about a be-heading. As the dwarves were succeeding in killing hundreds of trolls, I closed my eyes and thought, “lives are extinguished with such ease on a screen!” A single life does not seem precious.

What goes on in the hearts of impressionable young children who regularly watch movies that contain much more violent murders and deaths than this family- friendly film?

The murder of innocent children in an elementary school came to mind. A young man extinguished many lives with such ease. Could one become so accustomed to killings that acting it out doesn’t seem so bad? Are the consciences’ of young people becoming hardened to the preciousness of life? Ask the parents of a murdered first-grader if his child’s life was precious.

Six-year-olds had to close their eyes to avoid seeing the blood of the dead, as they were lead out of their once “safe” school. Let us close their eyes now to viewing any more murder in the media and thus protect their tender souls from becoming de-sensitized.

Are the minds of children being filled with truth, goodness and beauty, or with death? Rather than viewing movies with multiple deaths this Christmas season, expose your precious children to the value of a single life. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”



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