Letter: Wrong about Congress

In a recent column, Mr. Blagg put the blame solely on the Republicans in Congress, which in my opinion is incorrect.

First, President Obama was voted into office by the electoral vote. This vote is derived by the party that got the most seats elected to the national House of Representatives in a certain state received all of the electoral votes, which the state was entitled to. However, the House of Representatives is led by the party, which has the most representatives elected to it, which is the Republicans. These representatives have a closer relationship with it the population, consequently, these representatives were elected by people who are directly affected by how they vote. This means that the people did not go along with the liberal views of President Obama.

Second, The role of the president is to suggest and not demand how the American’s tax dollars are spent. The Constitution reads “All money matters shall be initiated in the House of Representatives with the Senate approval.” Of course, the president may veto the legislation which then may be overridden by both chambers of Congress.

Third, our nation was founded on the principle “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Our forefathers started our nation by rebelling against a king which dictated how they should live so when they created the Constitution they made sure no one person has the final say in all matters. This means that whoever is president does not have solely the last say.

Fourth, As the Bible reads, “you should remove the plank in your own eyes before you try to remove the mote from another persons eyes.”



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