Ben’s insults childish

Political discourse in America has been reduced to disparagement, name calling, naïve and uneducated remarks, which has created divisiveness this country has not seen since the 60s. Ben Clark’s op-ed is a perfect example of this.

We have a person who passes himself off as some Washington DC insider and presents his views as if he is a Republican spokesperson. A local radio DJ gives him time to express the Republican point of view. The Recorder gives Mr. Clark a platform to express his Republican point of view.

I welcome ideas, information and opinions of people who think differently than I do; in the off chance I will learn something from them. I was disappointed when I read Mr. Clark’s response to negative emails he has received with insults, and frankly immature replies.

To use people who eat tofu as a means to insult people is ridiculous. To insult people because they may be living at home is childish; given today’s economy when many families are living together.

The really immature insult was implying postal workers are less than valuable workers. Some called you names, so you ask them how long they have been a postal worker? What is that supposed to mean? I challenge you to wake up in the middle of the morning and go do their job for one week in January. My guess is you wouldn’t last a day.

Our schools work hard to teach students about respect, honor and the harm and dangers of name calling. What good is that when they see adults speaking disrespectfully about people they don’t even know?

I believe people who resort to name calling do so because they have nothing intelligent they can add to the debate or conversation and I think Ben Clark has fallen into this category.



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