Letter: Air pollution

Air pollutants directly affect our health. Whether or not one is concerned over the melting of sea ice due to climate change is irrelevant compared to the existing harm it is already doing to our personal well-being. Lung ailments ranging from asthma to lung cancers are steadily on the rise. There is even some speculation that autism is related to poor air quality and diesel emissions can be absorbed through the skin and/or the lungs attributing to major health risks.

Whether the sea levels rise or fall or whether the earth warms or cools, due to man’s reckless use of natural resources, can be debated endlessly, but what must be addressed immediately is the unhealthy air we depend on at this very moment.

Much like the Dust Bowl of the early 1930s, where the landowners in the Oklahoma panhandle and the surrounding states neglected to heed the warnings of some about overworking the land resulted in a catastrophe spanning a decade, we now face a pending catastrophe of a greater magnitude which in turn will determine our very existence.

Profoundly concerned,



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