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Letter: Lottery winnings

I have always wondered WHY do the federal and state governments tax the living daylights out of lottery winnings? The rich have many avenues of deductions to reduce the taxes they pay. However, when the average working person wins the lottery, they are heavily taxed up to 40 percent of their winnings on large payoffs. If government NEVER taxed this money, it would ALL be available to be given to family and friends to spend in a slumping economy. The poor could pull themselves up by the bootstraps and contribute to the success of this country through purchases of goods and services in their local communities.

No lottery taxes means NO FREE money to be wasted on political/military interference in foreign countries. The working person would be in control to direct where the money is to be spent. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust politicians and government to spend our money wisely. For those who have the knowledge, I wish someone would submit a bill to Congress to stop this greedy government taxation.



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