‘Guy fishing near Montague Center’ a poem by Mike Mauri

“Guy fishing near Montague Center (Montague)”

By Mike Mauri

Early evening sun slants-in
so goldenly
over Taylor Hill in Montague
to hay so tall and green this year
it’s already all cut to cure
a guy
stands fishing
at a small pond just south of
town, this alone-now fishing time
and pole and line
in no hurry, no motion,
nor of body, face or surface
of dark-tea water
not tension just laze
just laze and haze
in May’s middle days
in golden ease in quest
of slide unseen of skin or tug
of secret mouth and gaze
toward distant worlds
toward no-thing worlds
toward nothing at all to do with this
upstream swim a-ways
or end-of-workday golden rays or green-cut grass
or gazing guy — no — or this small pond
not sun, not hill, not hay, not hue,
nor self, nor speck, nor edge
of this
small town.

From “that and a dollar,” published by Mauri’s Recession Edition Press, 2009

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