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Letter: You can, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

If we don’t reverse our carbon emissions, human civilization may collapse by 2050, or maybe as soon as 2035. Your legacy to Sasha and Malia will be: “Sorry, it wasn’t good for our economy, and that was more important than your future.” Why isn’t America leading the global struggle for survival? We stand alone in Doha, a pariah in the world community. Your non-leadership is shameful. This climate crisis is about sharing. It is about thinking like a family, like a planet, not a separate national economy. You will have no political future, no great American Democracy, if we kill ourselves because we won’t regulate greenhouse gases. We have the resources; we want you to stand for justice, for sanity, for dignity, for respect for the human community that is trying sooo hard to meet this challenge together.

I want you to lead. Close the coal-fired plants: block the Keystone pipeline that will bring “game over for the planet;” Stand for climate justice; Tell the world “We know we have been the major cause of the build-up in the atmosphere that is threatening life on earth, and we are willing to do the lion’s share of corrective measures. You can count on us!” Then I will be proud of you, and of us as a nation. Please, Mr. President, do your job. Lead, and give us change we can believe in. Yes you can!



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