Letter: Head to the Garden

Save time. Save gas and wear and tear on your car. Patronize your local theater. If you haven’t been to the Greenfield Garden Theater lately, you are missing out and traveling too far for a movie! I had an opportunity to see the newest James Bond movie, “Skyfall” this past weekend. Apparently, many area folks had the same idea to stay “local.” What we weren’t prepared for was the new projection system recently installed in the theater. (And, I might add there were only a few empty seats at the early show!) The action scenes were not so loud as to knock you out of your seat, but the dialogue was crystal clear. The cinematography was awesome. The colors and clarity were outstanding. Kudos to George and Bill for upgrading their theater equipment, at a great expense ,to be sure. They want your business. Plan an early dinner at some of the local eateries near the theater, get your movie tickets and enjoy a wonderful evening of entertainment, right here in Greenfield, at the Garden!



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