Smiley-face icons make this form student-friendly

Greenfield adopts new technology use form even a kindergartner can understand

GREENFIELD — In order to use technology in school, all Greenfield students must fill out an acceptable use policy form. But sometimes, especially for younger children, the language of the form can be hard to understand, school officials said.

In an effort to change this, the district is rolling out new student-friendly acceptable use policy (AUP) forms, beginning with one this fall for kindergarten through grade three.

The form uses simple language and clip art images, so that students can understand and agree to their responsibilities of appropriately working with technology, said Carol Holzberg, the school district’s technology director.

It also provides necessary updates to the current AUP, which was written in 2005. The policy is posted on the district’s website.

“It’s important that the AUP keeps up with technology changes,” said Holzberg. “Since the initial policy was addressed and written, things have changed dramatically in terms of what students are doing online and what they’re expected to know.”

The form asks students to circle a smiley face if they agree to each of the terms.

It asks them to promise that they will be careful when using a number of items: a desktop or laptop computer, a SMART board (in the classroom), a printer, a projector, an iPad, headphones and a microphone.

Then it asks students to agree to follow eight rules:

∎ I understand computer equipment breaks easily. I will be careful when I use it.

∎ I will use my Help Card (a card that students put on the side of their work station) if I need help when I use the computers.

∎ I will never use computers to hurt or make fun of others.

∎ I will go only to Web sites my teacher instructs me to visit.

∎e_STnSI will tell my teacher or an adult if I see anything on the computer that makes me feel bad or uncomfortable.

∎ I will never share my name, address, phone number or picture on the computer.

∎ Any cell phone in school should be off and out of sight during school hours.

∎ I will be respectful to others when I use my school technology equipment.

The form, which was approved by Superintendent Susan Hollins and the School Committee, also includes a section for parents to fill out.

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