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Letter: Lives upside down

Hallelujah, meaning Praise God, for everyone who helped my wife on Thursday (Nov. 8) around 2:20, and for all the first responders and their compassion.

Anyone who knows the way to Greenfield from Turners Falls by way of the old Esleeck Paper Mill knows the corner after the bridges at the bottom of the hill.

I don’t know how this newsworthy accident went overlooked. Very bad and unnecessary.

The driver of the other car was speeding down the hill at a very high rate of speed. They were not using good judgment. They were rushing to a family member or friend having a heart attack in Turners.

The finger of God was on that corner that day because no one died. Then the driver and passengers ran from the scene. There’s a lesson to be learned. No matter what the emergency, drive safe for the lives of other people and yourself. Our lives have been turned upside down.

A car is a necessity, not luxury. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I reach out to the public. Franklin County has a good reputation for helping people out in tragic incidents like this. I mainly was reaching out to religious people.

I left a sign at the corner of this accident, “Hallelujah, yesterday’s car accident victim needs help, car phone number.”

We will not get enough to replace car and get one back on the road. Not one goodly person called. Very disappointed in man, definitely not God.

Hallelujah, my wife is alive!



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