Letter: His disrespect

When it comes to understanding why people supported Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy for Senate, Chris Collins admits that he just does not “get it.” He dismisses Ms Warren as a “nutty professor,” a very derogatory and disrespectful way of saying “I do not understand you, therefore, you do not matter.” Well Chris, I “get it” and so do the two out of three Greenfield voters as well as a majority of Mass. voters who elected Warren. I resent your disrespect. Am I not the only one that thinks that Chris’s real problem is that he is just ignorant and does not want to know? It is OK, Chris, many Scott Brown supporters are also. I think it is time for the Recorder to get another political reporter, who at least will try to “get it.” You might disagree but all the people who voted for Warren and all the people who oppose the right wing’s attempt to hijack our country “get it.” What I do not get is the degree of small-minded bigotry and smarmy sexism displayed by Brown and his supporters. I am grateful to Warren for standing her ground and her supporters for turning back this ugliness.



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