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Letter: Gravesite inventory

I just finished reading the “About Town” article that was on the Internet Oct. 29. The article is about Mr. Peter Freisem of Conway, who is pictured in the Howland Cemetery by the grave of a revolutionary war soldier’s grave. Mr. Freisem is going to document the cemeteries in the town. Anyway, I am very glad to see that someone is doing such a great thing. I didn’t notice that the article stated anything about the fantastic website called “” and wondered if Mr. Freisem was aware of this website for two reasons: first it could benefit his research and second it would be a great tool for him to register the graves on the website. Anyone can become a grave register and the site is a great tool to keep what hard work he is doing in permanent record.


Trippstadt, Germany

As a genealogist, I am well aware of Find-A-Grave which I have used many times while researching my family history. It is a wonderful site. I will consider posting my findings when the time comes, although that time is still many months away! Thanks for your input.

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