Letter: Campaign spending

The presidential election has raised over $2 billion in fundraising, and has spent $130 million on political ads. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of opening my mailbox to be bombarded with fliers. I am tired of answering my phone, which, by the way, is on the DO NOT CALL LIST, to hear more political ranting.

I’m tired of turning on my TV to constantly hear Brown and Warren slinging back and forth. With this kind of money put forth, it demonstrates how the wealthiest Americans — who have this kind of money to throw around to hopefully sway the presidential election or throwing their money around for the Senate races — are hoping to cash in on their own favors.

However, those throwing their money around look to cash in on every tax loophole or tax break and continue to have their hand in every pocket that may benefit them.

Some of these nonprofit organizations that contribute to the political scene are the very same organizations who pay nothing to the taxes in whatever town or state, but however if there is an emergency for fire or police they have the benefits that each of you provide with your tax dollars.

Is this money well spent? I don’t know about you but, I have to pay for my own vehicle, fill my own gas tank, pay my own health insurance and when the day comes I certainly won’t have the retirement or benefits the government workers have. the government and big corporate CEOs need to look beyond themselves, look outside the box, and see what is going on in the real world.

The QUESTION is if this kind of money can surface for political gain, WHY, is it that this kind of money can’t surface for the goodness of the people in need? Why can’t this money surface with NO strings attached to help feed the hungry, fill the food banks or help the elderly, with heating their homes?

Linda Clark


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