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Letter: Pet advice

Hi, I wanted to say something about adopting a pet dog or cat. About two weeks ago I took a pet home with me. (Beware of getting a pet on impulse from Craig’s List or taking a pet from a home, where you don’t have a clue to how the pup will be.) I thought “how cute,” then I got him home; he was starving and aggressive. I brought him to the vet; he said I shouldn’t have this pup. The pup needs a lot of help and patience. I didn’t have the temperment. I decided to surrender him. I called Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England. They checked around and found Berkshire Humane, where I surrendered the pup. They were wonderful with me and said this happens a lot. People love the idea of getting a pet, but don’t realize what there getting into! BE CAREFUL when you get a pet. Be sure to check where you get them and KEEP SAFE. I’m heartbroken tonight and have to believe he’ll be loved in his new place!



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