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Letter: Lies and politicians

Since I became an adult, I have taken to listening to what Politicians say, but even more importantly, how they say it. Over the years I have learned to tell when someone is ... being disingenuous. I can give some examples.

The first one I noticed was Ronald Reagan. If he was spot on about something he would get right on the topic and talk until finished. It was when he said the now oft-impersonated “Well,” that you knew he was going off the beaten path.

With George H.W. Bush, you could tell he was cornered when the hands started going. The more active the hands were, the further out on a limb he was getting.

With Bill Clinton it ... was ... long ... spaces ... between ... words...

George W. Bush was tough. I basically wrote him off as any time his lips were moving. Or else he got the glassed over look on his face, which was often.

With Barack Obama, it’s what’s being called the “Intellectual Stutter” (SNERK!). Nice way of saying it; I call it more “Being on the Ropes.”

Now we are faced with the final Brown/Warren debate. Watch Warren. Whenever she gets off the tried and true path her head starts bobbing like a Mickey Mantle Bobblehead doll on a JEEP’s dashboard. The more bobbing and weaving, the further she is from the facts.

Scott Brown? I haven’t been able to get a handle on him. I guess he just doesn’t lie enough to have a give-away trait.


Turners Falls

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