Letter: Not what we envisioned

When we were younger, we anticipated for the day we could retire.

Some had to give up our homes to move to a smaller, affordable apartment.

For example, owning our own home we, as owners, had responsibilities to keep up the exteriors and interiors of our homes.

We at the Weldon House now depend on the management to take care of these issues, which several of the cablemen have told the management that the wiring is old and not good. Never have we seen anyone inspect the wiring or the old and mildew stench throughout the building and vents. The patio is uneven and has caused residents to fall.

Now we have been told no more smoking as of Jan. 1, 2013, in our apartments or on the Weldon grounds. Our rights, as seniors, are being taken away. Many of us served our country in several wars, where most were introduced to smoking and alcohol. Now that their service are over, so their rights to do as they please in their own homes are being taken away. Many of us have pets that are also part of our family. Will we have to give them up, too?


Weldon House


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