Letter: Pedestrian safety

Past articles have indicated over 5,000 cars pass on Federal, High and Elm streets every day in Greenfield. Residents have complained of excessive speed by many drivers. Main Street is no exception.

Speed limits are posted (not for police to write more tickets) but to protect the lives of pedestrians and other drivers. Speed limits are the maximum speed permitted by law in a given area under normal driving conditions.

No resident of Greenfield or any other town deserves to be injured or killed by drivers exceeding town speed limits. Many drivers will stop at crosswalks to permit pedestrians to cross, but drivers coming from the opposite direction do not offer the same law-abiding courtesy. Some drivers even attempt to go around cars that have stopped for pedestrians.

Pedestrians need to be extra observant in these situations to avoid getting injured or killed. Some drivers are preoccupied and may not be giving their full attention to the road.

Besides speeding, tailgating, an act of driving dangerously close behind another vehicle, can also pose a threat to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

For those drivers who speed and tailgate, slow down and back off and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. The car in front of you doing the speed limit isn’t your enemy, they are your law-abiding neighbors.

Accidents do happen but can be reduced if drivers were more courteous in their driving habits toward other drivers as well as pedestrians. Drivers who text and drive need to comply with the law and cut out the texting.

Remember, when a car hits a pedestrian and they are injured or killed, there are many victims, the pedestrian, their family as well as the driver. The cost financially and emotionally for all involved is high.

If this letter helps to prevent one accident where a pedestrian is injured or killed, my message will have succeeded. Please drive safety and give the pedestrian the right of way this fall.



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