Letter: Boxing it out

Fantasy Boxing Continued: Warren/Brown

Round 4: Naked Man, aka Scott Brown, was proud of his paid staffers for their war whoops and tomahawk chops at public venues. So impressed he painted his pretend truck to look like an Indian pinto pony and galloped around the ring doing war calls, tomahawk chops and sporting a long Delaware Indian headdress.

Round 5: During the Warren/Brown debate Naked Man could have come out of his Republican closet. He did not. The Ref (Moderator Gregory) asked Brown, “Do you support Romney? It is a simple yes or no question.” Naked Man refused to answer. But under his long Indian headdress he was wearing boxer shorts with tiny little red Republican elephants bouncing around saying let us out, we want out, out, out!

Round 6: The Ref asks about Washington. In a recent campaign ad Naked Man said, After I was elected I got my “first lesson” on how Washington works ... blab, blab. Insiders in Washington report that Naked Man is often seen peddling his newcomer “first-lesson” trike inside the Capitol because he loves the clapping sounds his monster training wheels make on the marble stairs!

Round 7: Not much to report on regarding Contender Elizabeth Warren because the Ref asked her the same Indian heritage question a million times. Boring. Rumors have it that Moderator Gregory is chummy with Naked Man in Washington and they frequent a well-known Republican Hideaway called “The Good Old Boys Club” together. Brown is a card-carrying Republican and his voting history against fair pay for women and middle-class families proves it.

Whereas, Democrat contender Elizabeth Warren has a “Blue State” philosophy — she’s a quick study and with her brilliant IQ she will fast track in Washington by voting for fair and responsible representation of that philosophy.


Shelburne Falls

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