Letter: Mass. choice

It was bad enough that Scott Brown chose to open Debate 1 with his ridiculous neo-birther attack on Elizabeth Warren, but for the moderator to choose to lead off debate 2 with it and devote as much time to it as he did is totally reprehensible. NBC’s David Gregory was a disgrace and should go back to the “Today Show,” where he can weigh in on YouTube viral videos and similar topics. He certainly does not belong as moderator of “Meet the Press,” either. Having wasted so much time on trivial personal issues upfront was not enough. He had to throw in a question about the Red Sox. Cute. This is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America. Is the media to blame or just giving people what they want? Chicken or egg?

The result is a man wearing his regular guy costume — barn coat and pick-up truck — filming commercials from “the road” or, more accurately tries for the “middle of the road.” Middle of the road? Really? Scalia is his example of judicial excellence, the furthest right justice on the Supreme Court. We overwhelmingly re-elected Ted Kennedy, a national hero of the people, for decades. To all who voted Kennedy for all of those years, just ask yourself who measures up to the Kennedy legacy? A Republican in a “regular guy” costume talking about nothing from “the middle of the road”? A hack lawyer who just checked papers and took a check at real estate closings? Or a distinguished law professor, accomplished attorney who has argued before the Supreme Court and nationally acclaimed crusader who fought Wall Street and the banks and establishing the first-ever financial consumer affairs watchdog agency?


Shelburne Falls

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