Letter: Next time, use goats

Why Mr. Kehler, I am shocked, truly shocked. As environmentally conscious as you are, you bought a machine made of metal. Think of the noxious fumes sent skyward by the machines that dug up that ore to make that metal, then the fumes given off to smelt that metal and the taxes paid by the owners and the taxes paid by the manufacturers who used that metal to build your machine that no doubt a large percentage went to pay war tax. Shame, shame.

You could have bought a few goats, friendly little creatures that would have trimmed and fertilized your lawn, would have given you milk and even, if you chose carefully, more goats. No noxious fumes to pollute the atmosphere, no annoying noise to disturb the neighbors and you wouldn’t get all worn out pushing that chunk of unfeeling steel around.

It’s just my opinion sir, but I think you blew it.



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