The real thing

It is obvious to me that Elizabeth Warren is the real thing. When she says that she is for the middle class, you can believe her. Her credentials show her to be a hero of the working class. Scott Brown, on the other hand, is as phony as a three dollar bill. During his debate with Ms. Warren, he never once mentioned the Republican Party or Mitt Romney. He pretends to be a bipartisan on his slick TV ads (they remind me of jeans ads, long on image and short on substance) but he foams at the mouth like a Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, tea party partisan.

It should be mentioned that many people have native blood (especially those with French Canadian heritage). My cousins always talked about a native ancestor that my grandmother refused to acknowledge. I believe there is at least a good chance of truth to the tale. I am personally offended by Scott Brown’s staff’s “tomahawk chop” and the racist schoolyard overtones of their ridicule as well as this continuous use of this nonissue to attack Warren. Brown’s emphasis on this issue shows what shallow bigots he and his supporters are. It also shows desperation by using racism to divide and conquer.

Scott Brown claims to be pro-woman and pro-choice (before the appropriate audiences). He votes against equal pay for equal work and opposes choice. I cannot imagine how any woman would ever vote for him or any Republican for that matter. He spends a lot of time (and air play) complaining about media bias and Warren’s attack ads while at the same time attacking her incessantly. Meanwhile, in her ads Ms. Warren talks about her plans should she be elected. I hope she will.

Edward M. Evans


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