Letter: Changing lives

In January of 2011, the Interfaith Council began to assist Franklin County folks to come up with the high costs of getting an apartment or the costs to save an existing tenancy. For many years, I have been privileged to provide outreach services as well as information and referral, within Franklin County in the area of housing Services. Having worked for various Human Service Providers, I am fortunate to have regular contact with many of our best and most effective. Currently, I am involved in the something so simple yet highly successful.

Each Tuesday, a group of our neighbors meet to help our neighbors and I thought that you should know about this. I am part of this group which reviews each application submitted by any area provider to insure that the household is within Franklin County and that the budget is sustainable before providing help. The amount is small, usually $75-$300, and has made a difference in the lives of over 150 men, women and children so far.

We hope to continue to provide this, most basic of services, until the end of the year when funds are expected to be exhausted. The money was donated by people like you and me (largely due to the efforts of the Rev. Stan Aksamit) or raised at a Dec. 5, 2011 Hope and Olive, “Soup and Games Night.” Please join us in changing the lives of less fortunate neighbors experiencing unexpected illness or layoff. It couldn’t be more inexpensive or easy to do. Simply send a check in any amount to the Interfaith Council Housing Assistance Fund at the Greenfield Savings Bank at P.O. Box 1537, Greenfield, MA 01302.


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