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Letter: Two for Tuesday

In the Massachusetts Democratic primary on Tuesday, Sept. 9, Democratic and independent (“unenrolled”) voters will do well to cast their ballots for Leland Cheung, for lieutenant governor; and Warren Tolman, for attorney general.

Leland Cheung is a first-generation American. He aces my “lieutenant governor test”: If he or she had to take over the corner office, what kind of governor would she or he make? In my view, Cheung would be a great one. Leland Cheung is the only lieutenant governor candidate with government as well as private-sector experience. A technology entrepreneur, and an elected Cambridge city councilor since 2009, Cheung has degrees in business from MIT and in government from Harvard. He serves on several statewide commissions.

What impressed me most is how carefully Cheung listened to my concerns about big banks’ damage to real estate title records in our Registries of Deeds. I’m a former federal prosecutor. I’ve been working on registry and foreclosure issues for nearly two years. Cheung and I discussed them in Amherst one day for nearly half an hour. Clouded titles mean that thousands of Massachusetts foreclosures are invalid, and that many hopeful startups can’t get home mortgage loans for startup costs. This is despite the homeowner’s always paying on time. Cheung followed up with a personal email.

Attorney General candidate Warren Tolman has extraordinarily well-considered and specific plans for keeping Massachusetts families in their homes, while making big banks clean up clouded title to our homes. We can hold Tolman accountable for them. Tolman’s plans even include help for municipalities in resolving “title discrepancies,” when towns and cities don’t know who is liable for real estate taxes and maintenance on foreclosed, abandoned properties. Democrat or “unenrolled,” please join me on Tuesday, Sept. 9, in voting for Cheung and Tolman!



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