Letter: What they stand for

Rep. Denise Andrews has been attacked by her opponents in the upcoming state elections. But it seems pretty evident that Denise works hard for us. She also comes to our Old Home Day in Wendell, and she comes here, rolls up her sleeves and helps us with the issues that are important to us.

A visit to Denise Andrews’ website showed a long list of legislative achievements and policy statements. I also found detailed positions broken into four major categories: Job Creation, Accessible Education, Environment, and Vibrant Communities.

We know what Susannah Whipps Lee and Karen Anderson seem not to be for — anything Denise Andrews does or stands for. But the question is: What are they for?

What does Lee stand for? When I went to the “Issues” on her webpage, I could only find five vague sentences on general issues and a paragraph railing on one-party rule in Massachusetts.

What does Anderson stand for? To her credit, Anderson lists substantive issues on her website, with background on each but with no details on her ideas for solutions, except for Protecting Our Children, and there her position is downright alarming. Anderson wants to make it more difficult for DCF to remove children from an unsafe environment, by changing the definition of “reasonable cause” for removal from a home.

Both Lee and Anderson say we need a “voice” in Franklin County, but I find no real clear idea of what voice they would bring to the State House.

So, it’s clear to me: You might not agree with her all the time, but you know where Denise Andrews stands. I know I haven’t always agreed with her. But Denise is also not afraid to make a tough vote when no one else will, and that’s someone I want in my corner.



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