Letter: Healey right for AG

When voters look at the candidates for attorney general, they see a politician running against an experienced litigator. While Warren Tolman is not a bad guy, he is running as an experienced state senator with no experience for the position he is seeking. His campaign message is basically “I will lead by treating the AG office like a Senate seat.”

The AG is not and should not be a politician — the AG is and should be a skilled litigator who functions as the people’s champion. Maura Healey is the only qualified candidate for Attorney General. She is passionate about the issues, experienced as a prosecutor, morally grounded, fair, progressive, forward-thinking, even-handed and brilliant. If you have a positive feeling for the AG’s Office, it is probably due to causes that Maura drove as assistant AG.

On Sept. 9, you have a choice, but the choice is very clear: Maura Healey will be a fantastic attorney general. We in Massachusetts are truly fortunate that she chose to run. Let’s keep her there.



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