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Letter: Undemocratic influence

A recent article in your editorial page described in broad detail the book, “The Brothers,” the actions of Allen Dulles, head of the CIA and his brother John Foster Dulles, head of our state department.

It is sickening to even guess how many lives were lost, how many were tortured, how many were imprisoned because of their actions in our, that is American, interests. (read: American business/corporate interests.) They both were lawyers for an exclusive, world-class New York City law firm. They specialized in international business and loan agreements, as well as treaties with foreign governments that favored and enriched their clients. They were both involved in post WWI and WWII settlements and treaties.

The same question and emotion arises when one considers the actions of Henry Kissinger and his “real politik.” He was, in his own time, the head of our department of state.

If you want some examples of the secret, cynical, and brutal actions of our C.I.A. and state department, do some computer research on Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran, the United Fruit Company in Central and South America, or International Telephone & Telegraph Co. in Argentina. The list goes on and on.

We were brought up in our history and other books and classes on the American ideals, democracy, fairness, American heroes, citizenship, etc. This was an attempt to inspire and indoctrinate us. The result is that the average American has little knowledge of the real history, the good and the bad, of our country. Thus, we cannot take action and require our government to live up to our democratic ideals.

It is up to all of us to dig in and search and study to get the knowledge and understanding to become effective citizens and save our democracy.



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