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Letter: Our ‘problem’

Wal-Mart, Walgreens have a certain ring to their names. Does Mr. Norman have fetish for companies whose names start with “Wal.”

How come he didn’t mention Stop & Shop or Apple or any of the hundreds of companies.

Boycott Walgreens. No, I think everyone should boycott Greenfield.

Before I go further, I want you to know Wal-Mart would be better off staying away from your town, you know, something like boycott.

Telling taxpayers to use your advice would put a lot of them in jail.

Obama breaks laws every day. That’s the new trend in America. Just look at your court cases and police logs.

What big companies do overseas with their money is a fraction to what Obama has spent for 5 1⁄ 2 years.

No, big companies are not the problem; big government is. You see, it’s election time, so the Democrats want to pit the “free stuffers” and the “illegals” against big business. This is the only way for Democrats to steal votes. Oh yes, they want to raise your hourly pay. Do you think they really care about you or is it they want more tax money to waste?

To criticize someone for making money is insane and only the politically correct have a problem with it.

I wonder how many tax write-offs Mr. Norman benefits from when he travels around with his band of sprawl-busters.

Before you take a swipe at someone, be ready to back it up.

The developer where Wal-Mart was going to go should put a solar farm there and see the reaction. As a veteran, I’m fired up by the politically correct views coming out of the woodwork. Our biggest problem is this country is on pot and it’s going to “pot.”


South Deerfield

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