Letter: Finding a candidate

With the election of a new governor coming up this November, I need a candidate I can support.

I want to elect someone who really cares about ALL the people, not just the wealthy and powerful.

I need someone who understands that our climate is changing and we humans have to power to make things either better or worse.

My candidate is very intelligent and able to understand complex issues; someone who is well-educated but who can relate to people who aren’t, who has a strong sense of justice, fairness and right and wrong.

This person understands the insurance industry and believes in single-payer health insurance because everyone should be able to afford good health care.

He/she cares about the quality of our food, the life of our farmers, jobs for everyone and a living wage for all.

It is important to me that this person believes that government must work FOR the People, not just for Big Money.

This candidate understands that clean energy does NOT include a pipeline but comes, instead, from solar panels on many rooftops, windmills far from humans and water power, where available. He or she knows that having many small power generators is safer than having just a few big ones because this would protect our electrical system from acts of nature or of terrorism. And this candidate gets it that investments in research will provide us with many more ways to generate clean, environmentally friendly energy.

Happily, this candidate exists.

Please look up Don Berwick, Democratic candidate for governor of Massachusetts, and be amazed.

To learn what really defines this remarkable man, look up the commencement address he made to the Harvard Medical School graduating class in 2012; it’s on YouTube. And vote for Don Berwick for governor in the September primary.



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