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Letter: Stop fueling our crisis

Do we really want to pump as much natural gas as possible into the world’s economic engine so that we can race to the next crash?

After hearing the company presentation at GCC, it is clear that the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline is a business venture masquerading as a public service. The route through northern Massachusetts is a straight line, drawn on a map, from their connector pipe to the coast. They are positioning themselves to supply the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities that are being built to export this gut of natural gas produced by the fracking boom. They chose this rural route because the lower population density allows the company to install thinner walled pipe without incurring greater liability (fewer deaths per square mile in the event of an explosion). Let’s Stop Corporate Welfare. Why should we allow this company to socialize their cost, yet privatize the profits. Kinder Morgan has found the cheapest path to make a quick buck. They will sell the gas to the highest bidder. They stated that they could build along the existing pipeline, but it would be complicated, and more expensive. For whom? We electric ratepayers will be paying for the pipeline through a tariff on our electric bills, yet there is no guarantee that the gas will be delivered to Massachusetts. The price of gas will rise once export markets are operating. Does our state need more natural gas? We can find ways to waste as much energy as is available — remember life before leaf blowers, outdoors cafes with gas heaters, air-conditioned buildings so cold that you need to wear a sweater? We have a climate crisis at hand. Massachusetts has taken a lead in encouraging weatherization and insulation of buildings, as well as providing incentives for solar power. This is the direction we need to take. We cannot sacrifice our landscape — our farms and our forests — so that Kinder Morgan can make a buck, leaving us with the indelible scar. Please let the governor and our legislators know “No Pipeline.”


South Deerfield

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