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Letter: A stranger’s kindness

Hello, my name is Karen Zeman. My husband, Ted, and I have three beautiful children: Nicholas, 18; Andrew, 15; and Abby, 12. We live in the small town of Bloomer, Wisc. Our son, Andrew, was born blind and has special needs. Despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis, Andrew lives a very happy and productive life. On July 21, Andrew was enjoying lunch with his grandparents at Hardee’s in Bloomer. As they were eating, they saw a young man enter the restaurant and noticed that he paid special attention to Andrew. The young man was Lance Hansen of Leverett, Mass.

During lunch, Lance approached their table and asked to speak with Andrew’s grandfather alone. Lance inquired about Andrew. After they’d spoken briefly, Lance insisted that Andrew’s grandfather accept a gift of money for Andrew. It was not the amount of money that left an impression, but the fact that Lance was so willing to show kindness to a complete stranger. Not many young men his age would be thinking about others as he was at that moment. Andrew’s grandparents were so touched by his actions that they completely forgot to introduce Lance to Andrew. Thinking back, they are still saddened that they forgot to take the opportunity to make the introduction. Maybe one day in the future, Lance will pass through Bloomer again and Andrew and the rest of our family will have the chance to meet him.

Thankfully, Andrew’s grandparents were able to obtain Lance’s name and address prior to his family leaving the restaurant. Our family was deeply touched by this young man’s inspirational gesture toward our son. We hope that anyone reading this letter near Leverett who has the pleasure of knowing Lance or running into him in passing will compliment him on his extraordinary act of kindness toward Andrew.


Bloomer, Wisc.

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