Letter: Body cameras no answer

Are police the only people who should be forced to wear body cameras? Why not lawyers and car salesman? What about prison guards, or even day-care providers? We have courts to weigh evidence and pass judgment. This is the purpose of a jury of peers.

I think perhaps you feel that cameras would eliminate the immediate threat of riots, looting and chaos. However, with or without them, we still have biased media, trying to whore out news stories. We still have racial tension and the “white man shot a black man” stigma. I don’t believe body cameras are the solution. I think they are a knee-jerk reaction to the real problems. Racial tension, bias and outright lies from the media, and a failure of leadership at every level. This is fueled by important people with questionable motives. An example: The POTUS making ignorant statements like “the police acted stupidly,” before having the facts. This not only fuels the fires of hatred, but it casts doubt and damages the public perception of our police officers. In my opinion, we need to address the problem from the top down. Elect leaders with integrity. Change management at every failed level. Even with body cameras in use, public outrage at any perceived “wrongdoing,” would occur before any review of body camera video. People would still argue over whatever prejudice causes them to see in video footage. I don’t believe cameras are the answer.



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