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Letter: What’s important

What is the most important THING now? Is it money, fame, position? Is it doing good? Is it consideration of others?

Is it getting one’s way? Is it obeying the law literally or by the spirit? Of course, money is somewhat important, especially if one does not have it!

Getting our own way once in awhile is OK. Even the president does not get his way all the time. Just ask him. Fame lasts for just a minute. It could be a great minute!

Doing good sounds OK. Maybe you should check with someone you trust. It’s not easy to figure out what’s right.

Consideration of others means you are approaching maturity.

Obeying the law sometimes is up for interpretation. The spirit of the law says your freedom ends where your neighbors begin.

People say they stop for stop signs and stop for pedestrians. What does the law say? The Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles manual says stop means coming to a complete cessation of movement. While driving, the motorist should stop until walkers are out of the road. My first-grade teacher told me: “Stop means stop.”

Is it really that complicated? This is your life. What’s Important? Rather, what’s important to YOU?



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