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Letter: Fireworks display

Strange that we are currently reading articles in The Recorder in regard to poor fireworks displayed in celebration of Independence Day.

We parked our car across from the Farren as we have done for several years now, to watch the fireworks. We look forward to this event every year.

When the fireworks burst in the sky, they remind me of vintage pieces of jewelry; brooches from the days of our grandmothers. Being a recently published author of a children’s book, “The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls,” I write in my book about an event that happens every three years, “The Bling Ding.” A large fair where there is music, laughter and a Ferris Wheel, kites, balloons and even fireworks later in the evening. it is these events that help inspire my writing.

Fireworks began promptly around 9:30 p.m. We were just so puzzled as to what happened here as the display was by no means as good as years past. I even made a comment to the grandmother in the car next to us that “boy, the town was really on a bargain basement budget this year with that pitiful display.”

The “grand finale” was a big disappointment. We left there feeling sorry for the town.

Having read the last few articles in regard to the company that supplies the fireworks to the town now being questioned as to their honesty in providing them with the proper amount ordered, I now feel terrible for making those comments to the grandmother in the car next to us.

Good luck to the town in researching this disturbing news. We hope they find the answers to this dilemma. Keep these hometown events happening for many years to come, they are truly appreciated.



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