Letter: My goals, if elected

My goals, if elected

This election season we have great opportunities to make positive changes on Beacon Hill.

At the top of the agenda is lowering the high unemployment rates and getting people back to work in Massachusetts. It is an attainable goal that I am willing to do my best to see through if elected to represent you as 2nd Franklin District Representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

First off, I do not believe that government can simply create jobs. However I do believe that government can make it possible for them to be created (or eliminated). The business environment in Massachusetts has been weighed down to fail by bureaucracies with stacks of regulations, laws, fines, fees and TAXES.

It has become too oppressive or complex for most to operate a business whether it is a large corporation or one self employed individual. To have the opportunity to succeed it is necessary to remove or reduce the barriers that discourage hard work that leads to success. Lack of opportunity prevents new businesses from being established, existing businesses from expanding, and out of state businesses from coming in.

All these factors significantly contribute to the high unemployment rates and resulting poverty we have in our state and in our area. Together we can create solutions to increase opportunity and help people to rise out of poverty. Together we can reform the current system and remove the lack of opportunity which holds hard working people down.

We have a way to change this by electing Representatives that are political outsiders, advocates, voices of the people, and for the people.

As your Representative I will listen, work hard and vote responsibly with your concerns and ideas being put before the agenda of Beacon Hill politicians.



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