Gas odor length of Turners’ main drag not known

TURNERS FALLS — Fire departments and gas technicians searched the length of Avenue A and Montague City Road and the road’s extensions into Greenfield and Gill, but could not locate the source of a powerful gas odor.

The smell of the additive used to alert human nostrils to otherwise odorless natural gas and propane leaks filled sections of the main drag through downtown as firefighters and Berkshire Gas Co. technicians searched for the source for almost two hours from the first report at 12:33 p.m.

“We have gas odors that we check, but nothing this large,” said Capt. John Zellman of the Turners Falls Fire Department.

At 2:30 p.m., Zellman said the smell had dissipated and the search had been called off.

“Didn’t find the source, things are dissipating. Greenfield did a thorough search on their side, we did a real thorough search bridge to bridge, General Pierce Bridge to Turners Falls-Gill Bridge and Gill checked their side,” Zellman said. “We use meters, Berkshire Gas was there with their meters and everything seemed to be OK. And right now there’s no odor.”

Zellman said Berkshire Gas had checked their gauges and meters and they seemed to be eliminated as a source.

Trucks carrying gas do pass through the downtown, he said. “A delivery truck, it could be anything,” he said.

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