Letter: Look into Berwick

Who is Don Berwick? He’s a pediatrician and executive running for governor who has been working on improving health care delivery and affordability for 30 years. Don Berwick describes himself as an “improver,” an optimist and a progressive. He wants to be our governor to continue to make Massachusetts a beacon of light and hope. We were the first state to recognize healthcare as a human right and the first state to declare that you can marry the person you love. He wants to show the rest of the nation that bold, progressive leadership truly can deliver for the people.

He has ambitious goals for creating jobs, eradicating poverty, improving our infrastructure, and protecting the environment, including being the first carbon-neutral state. He recognizes that climate change is the most pressing concern to the health of our planet and to future generations.

Please look at the Don Berwick for Governor website and Facebook page to learn more about this strong leader who has the experience to know how to solve some of our state’s problems.



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