Letter: Stolen bicycles

I’ve lived in Conway for nearly 10 years now and have found much to love: our school, our neighbors, our CSA farm, our ostentatious little library, the quaint covered bridge within view of our house. The community spirit of the place is such that although we do lock our doors, it never occurred to us that we might regret letting our 5- and 7-year-old children leave their bicycles in the yard.

Barely one weekend into summer vacation, our boys strapped on their helmets before breakfast and ran out to ride up and down our street as they do nearly every day, only to discover that they no longer have anything to ride. I never would have wished them to feel such a sense of violation in association with their hometown. Their bikes were well-used, certainly not worth fencing or even coveting — but they were my children’s joy. Whoever abused their innocence should be deeply ashamed.



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