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Letter: Iraq thoughts

Iraq: Round and round we go.

Two reasons why an air campaign in Iraq would be a bad idea:

First up is the fact that the ISIS movement is supplying humanitarian services to the disenfranchised Sunni population of Iraq. It would be impossible to carry out precision air strikes on an insurgency that has melted into the open arms of Sunni neighborhoods.

The second reason is that our allies in the region are basically of Sunni origin. Our allies are to some degree supporting the Sunni resistance fighters in their effort to topple Syria’s Bashar al Assad. We would run the risk of further alienating ourselves from the region by attempting to tamp down the fighters our allies champion.

I find it inconceivable, at least for the foreseeable future, that the insurgency in Iraq’s primary goal is to plan any attack on U.S. soil with such a large task at hand in trying to set up an autonomous state within the Middle East.

I think what our administration is really worried about is the oil fields falling into the hands of those who would eventually nationalize the oil rights much in the same way Saddam Hussein did.



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