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Letter: Blurring violent lines?

We read and hear much about guns and mental illness as being largely responsible for the mass killings that seem like almost monthly events on the national news broadcasts.

But what about the gratuitous violence that pours out of Hollywood and headlines the marquees of our theater chains across the malls of this country — places where young people most frequent on a regular basis? And what about the bizarre and grotesquely violent video games that glut the market and that are readily available electronically at the click of a button.

Could it be that young people become inured to the real life consequences of this casual violence and therefore blur the line between fact and fiction? Tipper Gore brought this cause-and-effect scenario to our attention in the 1990s and was accused of trying to curtail the First Amendment of free speech by the movie and video lobby. Perhaps these greed mongers at any cost should be regulated, if not shot down completely.



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