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Letter: Repelling ticks

Last fall while hiking the Turkey Hill section of the Granby/Belchertown line, I happened upon a forestry person conducting a study in that part of the woods. Our conversation included the ever-increasing tick population. He told me that he and some of his colleagues had conducted an experiment of their own. Those who had a tick protection repellent that contained the chemical “permethrin” were, for the most part, tick free even when trekking through the dense underbrush, where ticks are sure to be found. And the hikers that wore Deet had by far more ticks on their person when walking through the same area.

One should note that Deet is applied directly to one’s skin, whereas repellents containing permethrin are applied on clothing only and can still be effective after several washings.

If you search online: Deet vs. permethrin, there are many other independent studies and most all come away with the same findings and that is, permethrin wins hands down over Deet in limiting those infectious little arachnids known as ticks!



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