Letter: MIAA scheduling

The recent controversy regarding the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and their unwillingness to re-schedule baseball playoff games because 20 students were scheduled to take the SAT is a classic case of misplaced priorities.

While it is true that the SATs are offered seven times during the year, a junior who plays baseball and football will find that the June, November and December test dates conflict with the current playoff schedule. That leaves only the October test date and the student cannot take both the SAT exam and the SAT subject exams on the same day.

So, what is a student/athlete to do? Wait until next year to take the SAT and delay applying for college? No! These students should be able to take the SAT with their peers and not be denied that opportunity because of a lack of flexibility in the scheduling of playoff games. Students shouldn’t have to decide — do I take the test or do I play in the game? But, the MIAA forced these students to do that because the SATs are held during playoff season.

It shouldn’t come to this. The MIAA can and should have addressed this problem but did not and I was told that the game/SAT conflict will occur again during the football playoffs this fall. Rather than delaying the state championships one week, the games will again be held on the same day as the SAT exam.

I don’t believe that future students should be placed in the same predicament as the baseball players from Hopkins Academy and Turners Falls High School faced. That’s why I’ve filed legislation prohibiting the MIAA from scheduling any competitions or events prior to 2 p.m. on the days on which either the SAT or ACT college entrance examinations are scheduled.


South Hadley

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