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Letter: What they see

As I look at the 10 highest paid CEOs’ faces in “CEOs pay an insult to working families” Recorder article, I wonder why it is that these CEOs, paying themselves 486 times their average slave employee, don’t think it important to share their wealth with those who actually created their success. They stare with tunnel vision, at their own world of wealth oblivion. They don’t see signs of societal decay, broken lives for which they are largely responsible. They don’t see how loss of hope for a future turns youth to drugs and crime; how working in a dead-end job kills the spirit; how meaningful work makes a person feel proud; how loss of fair wages when working hard no longer means getting ahead; how low-paying jobs without a future creates broken families when they can never get ahead; how hopelessness can come from not providing for your family; how working men and women have fallen into depression and suicide due to lack of meaningful work, layoffs or low pay. No. They see nothing like that in their world of wealth oblivion. If they did, they might feel the pain of others, and thus feel compelled to share their piggy wealth with those who deserve it.



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