Greenfield finishes green projects with help from state

GREENFIELD — The town has received $33,908 from the state for two of its green projects.

According to Mark Holley, water facilities superintendent, the town has installed two variable frequency drives on the treatment plant’s disinfection mixers that will match the mixers’ speeds to the flow so that during periods of low flow, the mixers will slow down and use less power.

The town has also installed controls on three well pumps and its lime injection system, which controls pH. The controls will make it so the pumps don’t run at 100 percent speed if not needed and that will also save power.

The lime system runs 24 hours every day, even if wells aren’t running, so the new controls will shut down the lime system and save electricity.

According to the state Department of Energy Resources, the two clean-energy projects are viable and well-developed.

The town also received some financial incentives from Western Massachusetts Electric Co. for the projects, according to Holley.

“In addition to the energy savings that will be produced through this grant opportunity, some of our aged and outdated infrastructure, which otherwise would have cost thousands of dollars to replace, were upgraded,” said Holley.

For more information, contact Holley at 413-772-1539.

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