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Siano (Precinct 2) wants support for schools, new jobs

Alfred Siano, Precinct 2
Recorder/Micky Bedell

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GREENFIELD — Precinct 2 Town Council incumbent Alfred Siano says schools, the town’s new sustainable master plan implementation, and creating new jobs are the most pressing issues facing Greenfield today.

Siano, 73, of Meadow Wood Drive, said schools are not only important for educating Greenfield’s youth, but for attracting new businesses and residents.

“With the town getting its new high school, we all, including councilors, have to help students integrate into it and make their transition smooth and comfortable,” said Siano. “I’m hoping we can all work to stop students from choicing out of Greenfield. Maybe the new high school will help improve our reputation and keep money in Greenfield.”

A Greenfield native, Siano said he is looking forward to helping implement the new sustainable master plan, which he calls the key to Greenfield’s future.

“It’s all good,” he said. “It will take us in a good direction and help us create a viable economy and environment.”

Siano, who served on the Town Council for seven years previously as both a precinct and at-large councilor and who ran against Mayor William Martin for the town’s highest seat in 2009, said the town needs to create more jobs and everyone needs to help.

“We need all types of jobs in Greenfield,” said Siano. “I’m really hoping Kennametal decides to expand here and create 70 more jobs over time. I think as long as a business meets our zoning and other permitting requirements, we should encourage them to come.”

Siano said he considers himself pro-growth, because he believes all sorts of development will make Greenfield a better place.

“Businesses big, small and in-between will draw people here and make the town better,” he said. “As long as a business fits, let it come.”

He said he would like to see and will fight for the town’s youth department to be restored.

“That would begin to help solve the opioid problem,” he said. “Our youth have to have somewhere to go. It won’t cost that much and will help a lot of our kids. I voted against dissolving the teen center in the first place.”

Siano said he is qualified to continue as Precinct 2 councilor because he has the experience, the knowledge of town government, and knows how to perform efficiently in the role.

“I’ve learned a lot as a councilor over the years and I think we need someone in the seat who knows procedure and how to move an agenda forward,” he said. “That’s me.”

He said he was motivated to run because he wants to help make decisions that will move the town into the future and believes he is very capable.

Siano said he believes the town needs both a skate and dog park and is glad to see Greenfield moving in that direction.

“I think we need to put more money and time into our recreation, youth, seniors and police,” he said. “We need to make sure we are funding them as best we can.”

Siano said he would like more of a police presence downtown, would like to see a more improved senior center, and would like more activities for the town’s youth, especially those at risk.

When it comes to reviewing mayoral appointments, Siano said he will make sure people have the background, knowledge and understanding they need to serve.

While Siano said party affiliation is important in determining a candidate’s philosophy, but should be kept out of town elections, just as the town decided years ago.

“People are more likely to vote for the candidate they are aligned with politically,” he said. “I think it’s fair for them to ask.”

Siano, who is married and retired from a career in pharmaceutical sales, said what is most important is that he will be open and available to everyone in his precinct, and the town, if elected.


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