Ronhave (Precinct 4) wants Greenfield to become a destination

Steven Ronhave, Precinct 4
Recorder/Micky Bedell

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GREENFIELD — Precinct 4 Town Council incumbent Steven Ronhave says turning Greenfield into a destination point, creating jobs and economic development are the three most important issues facing Greenfield today.

Ronhave, 66, of High Street, said the town has to stop thinking of itself as a “bedroom community,” and instead keep looking at how to grow so that people move here for jobs and education and come to or stay in Greenfield to shop.

He said Town Council can help by continuing to give businesses like Kennametal tax breaks and other incentives to come, stay and grow in Greenfield.

“I’m pro-growth,” said Ronhave. “Look at Keene, N.H., as a model on how to have big box and downtown shopping flourish in the same town.”

Ronhave, who works in sales, said executing the town’s new sustainable master plan is an excellent place to start in terms of economic development.

He said he will fight the addiction problem in Greenfield by supporting the Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force.

“Having the state and local municipalities involved is obviously important, but it is critical that everyone knows this is a grass-roots issue,” said Ronhave. “Individual families have to get behind this, as well. Only through a joint effort can we be successful.”

Ronhave said he would like to see the Council help create jobs by collaborating with local schools, as well as Franklin County Technical School in Turners Falls and Greenfield Community College.

He said party affiliation should not be part of this year’s election or any town election.

“I believe each councilor should vote his or her conscience on each issue,” he said.

Ronhave, who is a member of the Council Ways and Means Committee, said he likes the town’s system of Ways and Means going over each line item in the budget before it is voted each year.

“It’s an excellent system of checks and balances,” he said.

Ronhave said that, if elected, he will continue to review mayoral appointments based on education, integrity, and critical thinking.

He said he is happy to see that it looks like a dog park is going to be built in Green River Park and said that Greenfield also needs a skate park for its youth.

Ronhave, who is married with two children, said he moved to Greenfield in 2005. He said he has lived in Franklin County since 1979.

Though he retired this year, he has decided to go to Greenfield Community College to start his “encore career.”

“I believe it is important for all of us to give back to the community we live in,” said Ronhave. “Participating in city government has been a learning process and after three years serving on the Council, I can hopefully be more of a teacher, while I continue to learn.”

Ronhave said the town is evolving into a destination point and he would like to be a part of that happening.

Ronhave has served on the Appointments and Ordinances Committee, Ways and Means Committee and Economic Development Committee.

He said he learned how to review and make recommendations about ordinances, reviewed three town budgets and became familiar with how the town goes about doing capital improvements, and supported all sorts of ways the town can move forward with its plans for economic development.

Ronhave said some of the economic development issues he has been interested in for the town are attracting businesses and encouraging expansions, creating municipal and telecommunications systems, and building solar farms.

“I feel very strongly about supporting projects in the future that will promote the vibrancy of our downtown,” said Ronhave. “I also look forward to implementing Greenfield’s new sustainable master plan.”

“These are exciting times for Greenfield,” he said.

Town elections will be held Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Guiding Star Grange Hall, 401 Chapman St.


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