Mahar grads exhorted to ‘lead by example’

  • Class officers of Ralph C. Mahar Regional School's Class of 2014 gesture to their diplomas during graduation ceremonies on Friday.<br/>Recorder/Micky Bedell

    Class officers of Ralph C. Mahar Regional School's Class of 2014 gesture to their diplomas during graduation ceremonies on Friday.
    Recorder/Micky Bedell

  • Mahar graduates enjoying the ceremonies on Friday.<br/>Recorder/Micky Bedell

    Mahar graduates enjoying the ceremonies on Friday.
    Recorder/Micky Bedell

  • Class officers of Ralph C. Mahar Regional School's Class of 2014 gesture to their diplomas during graduation ceremonies on Friday.<br/>Recorder/Micky Bedell
  • Mahar graduates enjoying the ceremonies on Friday.<br/>Recorder/Micky Bedell

ORANGE — The graduating class, wearing blue and red, at Ralph C. Mahar Regional School took their seats outdoors under clear skies, after a ceremonious entrance. Friends, family, faculty and graduates were welcomed by the school’s Principal Ishmael Tabales before rising as the Star Spangled Banner played, beginning the night’s commencement exercises.

First to address the crowd was Superintendent of Schools Tari N. Thomas.

“High school life is now behind you,” Thomas told the graduating class.

She talked of the importance of education and how it cannot be underestimated. Relaying words like commitment and joy to describe the experience, Thomas said they have all proven their ability to overcome challenges the past few years and are all heroes to her for doing so.

Class Vice President Emilee Melanson said a few words to her fellow classmates before the school band performed the Black Forest Overture. Then it was time for Keynote Speaker Matthew Parsons. Parsons, the high school social science coordinator, was chosen by the graduating class to speak. Tabales alluded to the reason for their choice by saying one of Parsons’ most memorable moments at the school was kissing a pig during the Senator Games.

Parsons told his former students he was slowly losing faith in humanity and that he was looking for them to restore it. He encouraged them to lead by example and help bring the collective world back in balance by having character. Hitting upon five points to focus on — individuality, humility, respect, empathy and gratitude — Parsons took a wireless microphone out among the graduates and asked for volunteers to say who they’d like to thank. Jeremiah Capuzzo, one of the top 10 graduates and recipient of one of the night’s Key Club Trophies, thanked his mother and teacher Mr. Dowler, who Capuzzo kiddingly remarked was cooler than Parsons.

Banners to be hung on the light posts lining Mahar’s drive were given as a Class Gift and presented to Superintendent Thomas just before Tabales gave his insight to graduates and diplomas were handed out. School Committee Chairman Peter Cross also shared his words of encouragement. Closing out the graduation was a farewell by class president Lindsay Paluk.


1794 Meetinghouse Inc. Scholarship to Tristen Merchant.

202 Street Hockey Association James D. Rockefeller Memorial Scholarship to Richard Coffin and Tylar Robideau.

AARP Mount Grace Chapter #3673 Scholarship to Rimshah Khan.

Athol Hospital Healthcare Scholarship to Caitriona Cronin, Anna Gonzalez, and Michaela Shufelt.

Athol Masonic Charity and Educational Society Scholarship to Carrie Crosby.

Athol Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship to Logan Barrett, Jordan Milone, Lyndsay Paluk, Alexa Robichaud, and Carigan Wypych.

Athol-Orange Elks Local Lodge 1837 Scholarship to Amanda Badgley, Taylor Badgley, Aliya Cole, Richard Coffin, Elizabeth Currie, Mallory Piragis, and MaKensey Wickham-Diemand.

Athol-Orange Elks Lodge 1837 Memorial Scholarship to Carrie Crosby.

Athol-Orange Rotary Club Scholarship to Amanda Badgley and Jordan Milone.

C. Edward and VonDy Rowe Scholarship to Jeremiah Capuzzo.

Christine Lavigne Wallen Scholarship to Mallory Piragis.

Disabled American Veterans Chapter 46 Scholarship to Jordan Milone.

Drew’s Cruise in Memory of Andrew Castonguay to Logan Barrett and Taylor Doyle.

Elks National Foundation Scholarship to Carrie Crosby.

Friends of Mahar Music Scholarship to Amanda Badgley, Taylor Badgley, Carrie Crosby, Elizabeth Currie, and Mallory Piragis.

John S. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship to Logan Barrett.

Kyle G. Flood Scholarship at the Community Foundation of North Central MA to Carrie Crosby.

Kyle G. Flood Theatre Scholarship to Amanda Badgley, Taylor Badgley, and Aleah Fisher.

Mahar Class of 1964 50th Anniversary Scholarship to Rimshah Khan, Lyndsay Paluk, Mallory Piragis, and Noreen Sale.

Mahar Fish ‘N Game Club Founders Award Scholarship to Emilee Melanson.

Mahar Key Club Timothy Donelan Memorial Scholarship to Taylor Doyle and Rimshah Khan.

Mahar National Honor Society Scholarship in Memory of Harold Torstensen to Brandy Castillo and Carrie Crosby.

Mahar National Junior Honor Society Scholarship to Lindsay Paluk.

Mahar Teachers’ Association Scholarship to Aleah Fisher and Hillary Leh.

Mahar Touchdown Committee - Kyle G. Flood Football Scholarship to Logan Barrett, Aleah Fisher, Megan King, Tristen Merchant, and Kennie Nutter-Truehart.

Massachusetts Elks Scholarship, Inc. Major Project to Richard Coffin and Mallory Piragis.

Mount Grace Sno-Snoopers Snowmobile Club, Inc. Scholarship to Jordan Milone. Neil R. Burnham Memorial Scholarship to Logan Barrett.

New Salem Academy Scholarship to Richard Coffin, Rimshah Khan, Emilee Melanson, Mallory Piragis, Isabella Mertzic, Cheyenne Sargent, and Carigan Wypych.

New Salem Scholarship Fund to Rimshah Khan and Carigan Wypych.

Orange American Legion Post #172 Scholarship to Amanda Badgley and Taylor Badgley.

Orange Elementary Teachers’ Association Scholarship to Elizabeth Currie and Mallory Piragis.

Orange Firemen’s Relief Association Scholarship to Aleah Fisher and Emilee Melanson.

Orange Senior Citizens Club Scholarship to Mallory Piragis.

Parents for Mahar Students Group Scholarship to Richard Coffin, Rimshah Khan, Jordan Milone, and Noreen Sale.

Paula A. Joly Memorial Scholarship to Aleah Fisher.

Petersham Agricultural Association Scholarship to Logan Barrett.

Petersham American Legion Post 415 Scholarship to Logan Barrett and Emily Ferguson.

Petersham Ethan Clark Memorial Scholarship to Emily Ferguson.

Strength Through Adversity Scholarship offered in Memory of Shirley Hebert to Kennie Nutter-Truehart.

St. Mary’s Women’s Club Scholarship to Ryan Murcell and Mallory Piragis.

The Helen and Remo Cellana Charitable Scholarship to Anna Gonzalez, Rimshah Khan, Jordan Milone, and Lindsay Paluk.

Tully City Council Club Scholarship to Aliya Cole.

Vietnam Veterans of America North Quabbin Chapter #340 Scholarship to Elizabeth Currie.

Wheelerville Community Club Scholarship to Kennie Nutter-Truehart.

William “Billy Mac” McLaren Memorial Athletic Scholarship to Caitriona Cronin.

Winchendon Kiwanis Club Scholarship to Carrie Crosby.

Women of the Moose Greenfield Chapter #316 Scholarship to Caitriona Cronin.


Ivan D. Abermagger, Troix A. Adams, Zackary Paul Adams, Alissa Deen-Rain Algieri-Ehlen, Benjamin Charles Alt, Alexander M. Arnot, Amanda Marie Badgley, Taylor Lynn Badgley, Kayla Marie Baillargeon, Brenden Barberian, Kelsie Marie Bardsley, Christian Michael Barnes, Logan Robert Barrett, Kathryn Meghan Becker, Camille Faith Bedaw, Daniel A. Bergman, Megan Rose Bibeau, Joshua Vincent Bissonnette, Jinny Rae Blaisdell, Darren John Edward Blakely, Kassandra Boisvert,

Ricardo Sanchez Cabrini, Kalie Tammi Cameron, Jeremiah S. Capuzzo, Joseph Anthony Capuzzo, Brandy Nicole Castillo, Richard Dean Coffin, Rebekah Lynn Cohen, Aliya J. Cole, Destiny Lynn Coleman, Drew Collagan, Drew Robert Compagna, Brandon Christopher Cote, Caitriona Lynn Cronin, Carrie Leigh Crosby, Matthew Crumbley, Elizabeth Robertson Currie, Courtney Dewey, Katherine Lynne Donelan, Kyle Eben Duangsay, Taylor Marie Doyle, Branden Ellis, Derek James Ellis, Chalia Marie Euvrard-Brewington,

Emily Kathleen Ferguson, Cody William Fifield, Aleah Irene Fisher, Tyler John Fisher, Declan Francis Flynn, Krista Jeanne Forsythe, Keauna Jean Foster, Casey Ann Fournier, Alexa Grace Fournier-Barrette, Kaylannah Nikole Frost, Michelle Gabrielle Gagnon, Kyle Ryan Gonynor, Anna Rose Gonzalez, Zoe Lucia Greim, Michael B. Guilmette, Briana Lynn Guimond, Drew Hart, Grace Marie Hartin, Samantha L. Howard, Kassandra Hope Howes, Jillian Holly Johnson, Myra Johnson, Darnell Lasalle Jones,

Ingunn Eydal Jonsdottir, Antonio Kasuba, Patricia E. Kelley, Jade K. Kendrick, Rimshah Khan, Devan Rose King, Megan Avonia King, Justin Allen Lafrennie, Erin Brooke Leamy, Deena Marie LeBlanc, Tiffany LeBlanc, Hillary Danielle Leh, Monica Amberly LeMay, Phelan Patric Lyman, Ryain Calum MacLean, Chelsea Margeson, Austin Marshall, Cody William Marshall, Joseph Martinez Jr., Andrea Mathews, Barbara M. Mayoral, Amber Renee Meehan, Emilee Nicole Melanson, Tristen Lawrence Merchant, Isabella Saundra Mertzic, Laura Anne Miller, Jordan T. Milone, David Douglas Mistretta, Carly Elizabeth Mongeau, Katherine Rose Morris, Christopher Jade Muffoletto, Theodore William Mulder, Mathew J. Munson, Ryan J. Murcell,

Tamara Olivo Nieves, Kennie Roland Nutter-Truehart, Alivia Marie Otero, Lyndsay Anne Paluk, Jessica Skye Patria, Natashia Lynne Patria, Jacob Richard Paul, Kayla Marie Perea, Megan Lynn Perea, Samantha Marie Peters, Mallory Elaine Piragis, Joshua David Poegel, Brittany Amber Porter, Cassandra Jean Race, Hannah Isabelle Reese, Patrick Michael Richard, Alexa Marie Robichaud, Tylar James Robideau, Alyssa Renee Rockwood, Jacquelynn Nicole Pearl Rodriguez, Alexi Zhanae Rosado, Noreen Sale, Chance Joshua Sandova, Cheyenne Sargent, Michaela Amber Shufelt, Savahanna Rose Smith, Tyler Adam St. Louis, Ashley Staab, Matthew Damion Susen, Andre Joseph Suzor, Daniel F. Tattan, Zachary S. Tebo, Andrew Alan Terry, Charles Joseph Verheyen III, Andrew Nathaniel Wagner, Tasheen Maurice Wanzo, Zachary Michael Watson-Dodge, Jared Wentworth, Jonathan Taylor Wentworth, MaKensy Gabrielle Wickham-Diemand, Angelica Marie Wilson, Brendin Robert Woodard, Carigan Nicole Wypych, Nicholas Michael Zanga, Bethany G. Zera.


Most Improved in Art to Kassandra Howes. Achievement in Art to Keauna Foster, Natashia Patria and Angelica Wilson. Creativity in Art to Anna Gonzalez, Jeremiah Capuzzo and Rimshah Khan. Excellence in AP Art to Noreen Sale. Excellence in Studio Art to Jade Kendrick.

Excellence in Art to Kennie Nutter-Truehart and Taylor Doyle. Seuss to Brandon Cote.

Petersham Art Center to Noreen Sale.

For Work in Promoting Autism Awareness to Amanda Badgley and Taylor Badgley.

For Excellence in Business to Hillary Leh and Jade Kendrick.

CAPPS Award for Special Recognition for Caring Spirit & Awareness of Others to Tamara Olivo Nieves.

For Participation in the Fish ‘N Game Club to Emilee Melanson (4 years), Patrick Richard (4 years), Chance Sandova (4 years) and to Mathew Munson (1 year). Fish ‘N Game Club Founders Leadership Award to Emilee Melanson.

For Excellence in AP History to Alissa Algieri-Ehlen, Daniel Bergman, Jeremiah Capuzzo, Richard Coffin, Carrie Crosby, Elizabeth Currie, Krista Forsythe, Rimshah Khan and Jordan Milone.

For Participation in JETS to David Mistretta (3 years), Kenny Nutter-Truehart (3 years), Aleah Fisher (2 years), Krista Forsythe (2 years) and Darnell Jones (2 years).

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association for Student Achievement in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the School to Darnell Jones.

For Excellence in Mathematics to Richard Coffin, Carrie Crosby and Aleah Fisher.

The Robert M. Ellison Award for Excellence in the Field of Music to Declan Flynn.

The John Philip Sousa Band Award to Carrie Crosby. The Director’s Award for Band to Elizabeth Currie.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award to Darnell Jones. The National School Choral Award to Amanda Badgley.

For Participation in Peer Mediation to Tyler St. Louis and MaKensy Wickham-Diemand.

For Participation in Training Active Bystanders to Kyle Gonynor, Darnell Jones and Amber Meehan.

For Perseverance & Resiliency Award to Brendan Barberian

For all A’s in every quarter for Health to Jeremiah Capuzzo, Carrie Crosby and Elizabeth Currie.

For All A’s in every quarter for Physical Education to Jeremiah Capuzzo, Kennie Nutter-Truehart and Jordan Milone.

For Excellence in Psychology & Sociology to Alissa Algieri-Ehlen, Alexander Arnot, Taylor Badgley, Daniel Bergman, Brandy Castillo, Caitriona Cronin, Emily Ferguson, Aleah Fisher, Keauna Foster, Kaylannah Frost, Darnell Jones, Hillary Leh, Emilee Melanson, Laura Miller, Natashia Patria, Patrick Richard and Alexa Robichaud.

President’s Education Award to the following students from the White House for their Achievement of High Academic Goals, Hard Work and Dedication to Learning to Carrie Crosby and Kennie Nutter-Truehart.

For Participation in Robotics to Darnell Jones and Andre Suzor.

Physics Award to Aleah Fisher. Excellence in Chemistry to Richard Coffin and Carrie Crosby.

Conservation Ecology Award to Patrick Richard. Biology Award to Jordan Milone. The Golden Hammer Award to Andre Suzor.

For Excellence in Social Studies to Alissa Algieri-Ehlen, Daniel Bergman, Joshua Bissonnette, Jeremiah Capuzzo, Richard Coffin, Carrie Crosby, Elizabeth Currie, Aleah Fisher, Krista Forsythe, Keauna Foster, Anna Gonzalez, Rimshah Khan, Justin Lafrennie, Hillary Leh, Jordan Milone, Lyndsay Paluk, Megan Perea, Brittany Porter, Patrick Richard and Alexa Robichaud.

Student Council Commitment, Participation and Dedication to Student Government as Members of Student Council to Aleah Fisher-Student Council President and School Committee Representative, Brittany Porter - Student Council Vice President and RSAC Delegate, Emilee Melanson - Student Council Treasurer and RSAC Delegate, Alexa Robichaud - RSAC Delegate, Amanda Badgley - Student Council Representative and Project/Committee Involvement, Taylor Badgley - Student Council Representative and Project/Committee Involvement, Darnell Jones - Student Council Representative and Project/Committee Involvement.

Key Club Awards to Seniors who were judged by the Faculty to be Outstanding in the Areas of Citizenship, Sportsmanship and Athletics: Outstanding Citizenship to Carrie Crosby and Darnell Jones. Outstanding Sportsmanship to Natashia Patria and Patrick Richard. Outstanding Athletes to Caitriona Cronin and Troix Adams. For Contributions to the Key Club: Joseph Capuzzo- Membership for 3 years and trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 211 hours of service this year. Carrie Crosby- Membership for 4 year, recognition as President, trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 215 hours and 45 minutes of service this year and plaque for Outstanding Lieutenant Governor. Elizabeth Currie- Membership for 4 years, recognition as Vice-President, trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 185 hours and 50 minutes of service this year. Taylor Doyle- Membership for 1 year and trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 131 hours of service this year. Rimshah Khan- Membership for 3 years, recognition as Secretary and trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 125 hours of service this year. Emilee Melanson- Membership for 4 years. Jordan Milone- Membership for 2 years and trophy for Outstanding Achievement with 120 hours of service this year. Kennie Nutter-Truehart- Membership for 2 years. The Mahar Key Club Timothy Donelan Memorial Scholarship to Rimshah Khan and Taylor Doyle.

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