Letter: Better for Greenfield

I have read with interest the many letters appearing here in The Recorder regarding the current city council race. Especially interesting to me is the tendency for the letters on behalf of Mr. Mass to sound like point-by-point recitations of his biography, while the letters on behalf of Mr. Wisnewski talk about issues and actions that are of interest and importance to me.

I have lived in this area for 20 years and know that the Greenfield today is a far better place, with more options for entertainment, recreation, and dining than ever existed when I first discovered this town. Growing up in the Fitchburg area, I know firsthand what the unintended consequences of large-scale commercial development are on a city’s downtown. This is not an issue that only should concern people of means, this is an issue that greatly affects the quality of life for all in a town like Greenfield. I know that sometimes I must travel elsewhere for discount goods, but I also know that shopping at our local retailers returns more of money to the local economy than Home Depot, Walmart, or Target ever would. I would rather have a town that attracts people of all different backgrounds (and their money) due to the diversity of its offerings than a town where many people come to a store on the outskirts and that majority of that money heads out of state. This is not a choice that can be taken lightly: once it is made, few towns recapture what Greenfield has today. Mr. Mass makes many promises on issues that will not be dealt with by the city council, in order to persuade voters, this is one relevant issue among many that has me voting for the capable and proven leadership of Mark Wisnewski on June 10.



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