Letter: The right priorities

As a small business owner (who has a husband that is also starting a small business in Greenfield), I am voting for Isaac Mass.

We need a town councilor who understands that our priorities should be economic development and job creation. I run a service business as a licensed massage therapist. For my business to be successful I need people who can afford my services. I know Isaac Mass cares about economic development and job creation as we have discussed this many times.

Isaac has been proven to put his words into actions. When he chaired the Economic Development Committee of the Town Council, the town worked on proposal after proposal to make Greenfield more attractive and shovel ready for development and job creation attempting to change the perception that Greenfield is anti-business.

Under the leadership of council President Wisnewski, the Economic Development Committee has spent the last year working on an ordinance which proposed fining people if their hedges aren’t trimmed to the town’s liking or if building materials were left on their lawns or porches for longer than the council desires.

The Economic Development Committee received this assignment because the Appointments and Ordinances Committee was overwhelmed and the Economic Development Committee was under tasked. I think this speaks volumes of the current council’s priorities. On June 10, vote for Isaac Mass.



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