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Letter: Where do you shop?

When I think about the dialogue taking place about the prospect of a Wal-Mart coming to Greenfield, I believe that an important part of the conversation is missing. I would challenge all those who are against a “big box” store, to spend a month shopping exclusively at Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and the Dollar store and Cumberland Farms. You may walk, bike or take a taxi to and from these stores. How far does your money go? What is the quality of your food? This is the reality for many families in Greenfield. Instead of clinging so tightly to our own agendas, I think it is imperative that we consider how many of the constituents in our community live on a daily basis.

We ought to be asking ourselves how we can best help and support the families in need. While a Wal-Mart is certainly not a comprehensive solution, I think it is a move which would benefit a large portion of Greenfield Community.



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